Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Ice balls

Today we had a hands on oral language lesson to help us with our writing. We did some exploring with large balls of ice, salt and dye.  We used our senses to talk about the ice.  When the ball of ice was taken out of the balloon you could see patterns on the inside of the ball.  It went from sticky, to slipper after we had touched it.  Before we added the salt to the ice we made predictions about what might happen.  We sprinkled the salt on the top and watched.  The salt dissolved into the ice making it melt.  The melted ice then ran down the side of the ice balls making crevices.  So we could see the impact the salt had made on the ice, we added dye. 
Check out the pictures.

Kiran watching closely as the salt melts the ice.

Salt craters created and crevices forming.

Adding the dye.

Our observations

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