Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cultural Visitors

Last week we were very lucky to have three parents visit Rimu 5 to share about their culture.  We learnt about India and Scotland.  We listened to different music, looked and tried on their cultural clothes and tried some different foods.  We asked great questions to develop a better understanding of each culture.
Here are a few pictures from our experiences.
Thank you to Rimu 5 families for sharing with us.  It has helped our understanding of what culture means.

Justin's mum sharing about the Indian Culture

Hindu writing

Aruna sharing the Indian dress of a sari

Part of Aruna's wedding sari

Dough of the Puri bread

Rolling the dough out very thinly.

Puri bread - this is a rich bread and is served at special occasions.

Kelly sharing about Scotland

Yummy Scottish food

The Loch Ness Monster!

Shortbread biscuits

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